Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA)

The Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) is along the Mississippi River extending through the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area from Dayton to Hastings. The MRCCA was designated a "Critical Area" in 1976 by Executive Order following passage of the Minnesota Critical Areas Act of 1973. The Executive Order was the governing regulation until it was superseded by MRCCA rules in 2017 (Minnesota Rules Chapter 6106). The rules more consistently protect habitat, scenic views, and water quality, and allow development to address contemporary needs.

Local MRCCA zoning regulations are administered as an overlay district to guide building and construction, vegetation management and removal, and land alteration. The rules do not regulate water surface use. The City's ordinance amendment process was recently completed with the adoption of the MRCCA Ordinance.

If you want to perform work on your property and your property falls within the Mississippi River Critical Corridor area, you may need to apply for an administrative review to gain an MRCCA permit. Use this map to find out if your property is within the MRCCA boundary and see the FAQ section below to determine if the work you want to perform needs a permit. If you need to apply for a permit, the application forms are below. 

MRCCA Permit Applications

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