2023 Top SalariesA view of the budget process for City of Champlin. Opens in new window.

  • City Administrator: $183,679

  • Finance Director: $157,551

  • Police Chief: $154,622

*Posted annually every January-March pursuant to Minnesota Statue 471.701.

2023 Budgets

Our Vision

The City of Champlin is a welcoming, safe, thriving community with great neighborhoods, a variety of natural amenities, convenient shopping and excellent schools. #LIVChamplin

Our Mission

To provide for the stability and security of our community and its residents through guided quality growth, innovation, and the efficient use of resources.

Our Values

  • Trust

    • Confidence in the ability and character of our colleagues
  • Honesty

    • Be sincere and truthful in our work
  • Integrity

    • Be committed to our values
  • Fun

    • Be serious about our work without taking ourselves too seriously
  • Accountability

    • Be responsible for our actions