Utility Billing Rates

Water, sewer, street light, and garbage services are billed the second week of each month. If the payment is received after the due date (23rd of each month), a 10% late penalty will be added to the bill.


Billed the month following use. Meters are read electronically by the City each month between the 5th and the 23rd.

View Chapter 22 Fees of the City Code for a complete listing of residential commercial, industrial and irrigation fees.


Billed the month following use.

View Chapter 22 Fees of the City Code for a complete listing of low-income residential, commercial, industrial, and metered apartment building rates.

Storm Sewer

  • $6.69 - Low Density Residential
  • $5.14 - Medium Density Residential
  • $40.11 - High Density Residential
  • $56.14 - Commercial Office
  • $54.15 - Industrial
  • $5.44 - Parks/Open Space
  • $28.08 - Public/Institutional
  • $1.33 - Elm Creek Park Reserve/Wildlife Management Area

Street Lights

Street light fees are per month.

Residential Units cost $3.76 per unit.

View Chapter 22 Fees of the City Code for a complete listing of street light fees for properties (i.e., commercial and undeveloped lots)

Garbage & Recycling


Billed the month following use. Minimum rate due and payable for sanitation service for each living unit per month.

  • Large Cart (Approximately 95 gallons) - $20.01
  • Medium Cart (Approximately 65 gallons) - $15.71
  • Small Cart (Approximately 35-gallons) - $11.39

Cart sizes vary by vendor and date of issue as the market trends change over time. This is why an approximate size is given for the three categories of cart sizes.


Recycling costs are covered under the garbage rate. You have the option of a small, medium or large cart. Recycling is collected every other week on the same day of the week as your weekly garbage collection.

  • Recycle Container (Any Size) cost $5.63.

Extra Pickup

Residents will need to notify haulers for any additional bags outside of container. Haulers will charge you accordingly for extra pickup.

Owners of Rental Property

The City will bill renters of properties in Champlin as a service, however, any unpaid charges imposed against occupants/renters of the rental property remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Unpaid Utility Charges

Any unpaid utility charges 60 days or more past due at time of certification, are certified to Hennepin County for collection as part of the property tax.

Low-Income Residents Rate Reduction

Discount rates for eligible citizens are available for garbage and recycle charges. Contact the Utility Billing Department at 763-923-7135 for eligibility requirements.