Tree / Weed Inspections

Tree and Weed Inspections

The City of Champlin provides the service of a certified tree inspector who will inspect all public and private places within the City for diseased trees. If the tree inspector finds that a tree is diseased, he/she will notify the property owner by mail that the diseased tree(s) must be removed within twenty (20) days from the date of such notice. If the diseased tree(s) is not removed, the tree inspector shall order the tree(s) to be removed at the expense of the property owner. For more information, contact the Parks and Public Works Department at 763-421-2820.

Weed Notice

Property owners shall not permit grass and/or weeds to exceed a height of 8" in platted areas of the City, as per Ordinance 8-106.

It is the duty of every property owner to keep weeds, grass, brush or plants in a healthful condition and appearance so as not to be harmful to the general public. The Weed Inspector will inspect and issue notices for those in violation of this ordinance and require said owner to eradicate the nuisance within a 10-day period. In the event of non-compliance, the City shall order the work done and all labor and administrative costs will be charged to the property owner.

This notice is to inform all Champlin property owners of their responsibilities to control noxious weeds per State Law, and weed nuisances per City Ordinance. For more information, contact the Parks and Public Works Department at 763-421-2820.

Minnesota Noxious Weed Law

The Minnesota Noxious Weed Law was enacted to protect the residents of Minnesota from injurious effects of noxious weeds. This law and related statutes are under the general administration of the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Day-to-day or routine administration of the State's noxious weed control program is carried out by the director of the Agronomy Services Division through the Supervisor of the Section of Weed Control. Implementation of the noxious weed law is accomplished through several Regulatory Investigators located throughout the State. One of their primary duties is to see that local governments fulfill their responsibilities in the actual enforcement of the law. The actual enforcement is carried out by local governments through local weed inspectors in townships and cities and County Agricultural Inspectors in every Minnesota County.

A noxious weed, as defined Minnesota Law, is an annual, biennial, or perennial, which is deemed by the Commissioner of Agriculture to be injurious to public health, public roads, environment, crops, livestock, and other property.

Prohibited Noxious Weeds / Restricted Noxious Weeds

  • Field bindweed Buckthorn, common or European
  • Hemp Buckthorn, glossy, including all cultivars
  • Loosestrife, purple
  • Mustard, Garlic
  • Poison Ivy
  • Spurge, leafy
  • Sowthistle, perennial
  • Thistle, bull
  • Thistle, Canada
  • Thistle, musk
  • Thistle, plumeless
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