The Finance Department comprises of Accounting, Utility Billing, Assessing and Information Technology Divisions.

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division provides financial support to the entire organization. These responsibilities include payroll, receivables, payables, cash receipting, utility billing, budgeting, annual audit, risk management, investments, debt service, calculation of local tax levy, special assessments, financial reporting, Capital Improvement Planning, Financial Management Planning and financial controls.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing function is responsible for the billing of water consumption, sewer usage, street lighting, stormwater, recycling and refuse collection services to approximately 8,200 customers monthly.

Assessing Services

The City contracts with Hennepin County for Assessing services. Assessing Services locate and identify all taxable property in the City, establish a taxable value for all property subject to taxation and complete an annual assessment roll showing the assessed values for all properties.

Information Technology

The Information Technology division is responsible for development, management, protection and reliability of electronic data, computer systems, software applications and networks for the processing and distributing data within the organization.