Curbside Appliances Collection Event

Monday, May 22nd | Pick-up starts at 7:00 AM

The Environmental Resources Commission (ERC) is sponsoring the curbside collection of used appliances. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that your used appliance(s) are properly recycled, and hazardous materials are kept out of the air and water. The cost of $16 per appliance will be placed on your utility bill. Last day to register is Tuesday, May 16th, 2023.

The City has contracted with A1 Appliance out of Anoka for this event. Collection will start at 7:00 AM and continue throughout the day, please have your items out by then. Appliance(s) must be placed at the end of your driveway or on the curb for removal. Your appliance(s) will not be removed if it is not at the curb/end of driveway by 7:00 AM. A1 Appliance will not come back around. Before setting your appliance(s) out, please ensure they are in a non-compacted condition and free of food, debris, or other foreign material. 

If an unauthorized person comes to collect your appliance(s), please call 911 as there are scrappers that will take the appliance(s), strip out the valuable parts, and improperly dispose of the remaining elements.

The recycler retains the right to refuse any appliances deemed to be in a compacted or destroyed, which could prevent the proper removal of hazardous waste and/or refrigerants according to law.

Acceptable appliances include: A view of a dryer, two refrigerators and oven.

  • Kitchen Appliances (Fridge, Freezers, Stoves, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Ice Makers, and Small Dorm Size Freezers)
  • Air Conditioners (Window Size)
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Softeners - remove salt
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Lawn Mowers - drain oil and gas
  • Snow Blowers - drain oil and gas
  • Grills
  • Exercise Equipment - mostly metal and very little plastic
  • Furnace - pending size
  • Central Air Units - pending size
  • Dehumidifiers

Unsure if your appliance will be accepted? Call 763-421-1955

A1 recycling center is the contracted vendor for the city's curbside collection event. They also accept household appliances at their facility for no charge. Contact them directly for more information. They do not accept electronics or anything other than appliances.