Hidden Oaks Lane, Woods Trail Area, and Coneflower Circle Improvement Project No. 22103

Construction Duration: July - September 2021

Hidden Oaks Lane, Woods Trail Area, and Coneflower Circle are experiencing significant deterioration and general pavement failure resulting in extensive potholes and patching completed in recent years. The streets are 20-28 years old and total length is approximately 2.4 miles. It was previously identified with capital planning that these streets are reaching the tail end of being candidates for a mill and overlay improvement in lieu of a complete pavement replacement. Pavement coring was obtained to determine the most cost-effective pavement rehabilitation improvement. One factor that has accelerated the deterioration of these streets is the practice of seal coating streets causing pavement striping issues that several cities have experienced. The seal coat material and part of the top layer of asphalt breaks away from the pavement, creating surficial potholes after the freeze-thaw cycle. 


General Project Information